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Updating everything… now that I’m a more savvy hiker.





HAVA Adventure have kindly offered their support for my fundraiser with one of their packs. With the PCT in mind, I’ll be using the Ultralight 55L Triple Crown Pack. Will be picking this up when I get to the USA and will get some photos for you. Can’t wait to see and test it properly!

Keep up to date with HAVA’s product release dates and imminent product line on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Rock Infrastructure provide structured solutions for large-scale infrastructure projects. Suitably, they wanted to support my trip by providing some vital infrastructure in the shape of a tent. I chose the Terra Nova Laser Competition 1.

It’s ultralight at just 930g + pegs. On a mild day (for the UK) when I set it up, it didn’t take long to become quite toasty inside. Left it out overnight whilst it rained to find minimal condensation inside too. My only slight concern is that it’s very thin and not sure how durable it is, so I better be careful!

Will keep you up to date with how it gets on. Have only managed to get it up in my garden for now, but expect some epic photos from on trail in the very near future.



BRAND: Palisade Gear

ITEM: Ultralight 100% Carbon Trekking Poles

REVIEW: Have been using these for the past couple of weeks training in the build up to the trail. They’re super light at just 8.8 ounces per pole, durable (can hold my weight…) and come with multiple adjustments for different conditions.

Palisade were keen to show their support, as they’d heard about my multiple knee operations and understood the requirement for them. Now I’ve found that the extra support means that I get minimal swelling when it used to be much worse. I’d recommend Palisade’s poles as they’re likely to last the trip and are quick and easy to adjust to suit your height.




Items: Water Filter, Insect Repellents, Sunscreen & First Aid

Having never used a water filter of any kind before, I was delighted when Sawyer decided to get behind my fundraiser. 99% of thru-hikers will have come across their Sawyer Mini, which is a hugely popular choice. On this occasion, they’d like me to review one of their new Gravity Filtration Systems, which is yet to be released. I’ll keep you updated when I collect it from LA. Take a look at their website for more product info!


Blinders 1

Brand: Blinders Optics

ITEM: Sunglasses – Black & Emerald Green

REVIEW: Blinders Optics are a fairly new brand who aim to provide lightweight and high quality UV400 Polarized Lenses. They’re very much in style and are affordable, with prices being at the lower end.


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