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Logistics – tick


Well that’s a load off! Despite the fact that I’m going to be hiking 2650+ miles through another country’s wilderness, I’ve spent more time focusing on how to get to the ruddy starting point. Thankfully, it’s now all sorted!

I’m flying into LAX Airport. Norwegian Airlines are incredibly cheap, but don’t fly into San Diego (the closest major city to the PCT Southern Terminus).

Apparently there are taxi services galore in LA that don’t cost an arm and leg. I’ll get one to the Hollywood area where I’m staying for the night.

06:45 the next day I’ve booked a Greyhound bus from North Hollywood to San Diego. A four hour journey through California for $25, which could have cost just the $17 if I hadn’t gone for the luxury of being able to choose my seat (I want a window!).

At 10:45 I arrive in San Diego and as far as I understand will have a lift from the bus terminal from ‘Trail Angels’ Scout & Frodo (see below), who will also be dropping me at Campo for the start of my hike on the 16th of April.

Scout & Frodo


If you’ve thru-hiked the PCT or are planning on doing so this year, there’s a 99.99% chance that you would have heard about Scout & Frodo.

Based in San Diego, they provide an unbelievable service to PCT hikers in general (not just thru-hikers). Not only do they provide accommodation for up to 3 nights (determined by where you reside), they’ll also provide meals, storage for packages, airport/train station pickup and transportation to the Southern Terminus! Remarkably, they do this at zero cost to hikers. It goes without saying that I’ll offer as much voluntary help as required to make up for this.

Additionally, there’s storage for packages you send in preparation for your hike, scales (vital for weighing your gear!), packaging materials for resupply boxes, gas/fuel and a number of other beneficial things. Another useful element will be meeting former thru-hikers who will be able to give you all sorts of advice, which I’ll most certainly need!

You will need to have your logistics sorted for getting to San Diego and a start date confirmed before being able to sign up with Scout & Frodo for their support. Take a look at their website for even more info – www.sandiegopct.com.

Can’t wait to get there!

Last, but not least…


It’s now just six weeks to the day before I fly out to take this challenge on in memory of Matt Cragg. Although the support I’ve received towards my charity fundraising goal has been overwhelming, we could do even better. As I write this we’re at 57% and I’m hoping to exceed my goal by the time I go.

If you haven’t followed the previous updates and need a reminder of what the PCT’s all about, please click here for more info! It isn’t exactly a holiday…

Please also consider donating at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ryan-goggin/


Thank you all!

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