Training – Partners in Crime

As it stands, I’m set to begin my thru-hike on my lonesome. There’s a saying in the thru-hiking community…

“hike your own hike”

Fairly self-explanatory – not wanting to be tied down to someone else’s hiking schedule as you might not get the experience that you were hoping for. Although, I find it dull for the most part doing the same old routes for training without anyone for company.

Fortunately, as my departure date has drawn closer, there have been several people wanting to get a taste of my training hikes. A former colleague called James was the first to join me. I’d pre-warned him that plans could go horribly wrong…and didn’t let him down.

James, performing one of his more familiar poses. (Looking down at the phone because we didn’t have a clue where we were)

The plan went a bit wayward. I normally head in a general direction and hope for the best, ideally looping back around at some stage too. It seemed that both of our bearings were off this time when we discovered that we were heading East instead of West.

Under the M25. Whoops.

This did lead us to a unique setting though. Just beyond this tunnel was a motocross training area. Here’s a couple from there.

Eventually (after accidentally circling back to a much earlier location) we were able to find our way back to the Box Hill viewpoint and back home. We didn’t quite make it to the 20 mile mark, but couldn’t have been too far off.

Up near the view point.


I’m limited to the weekends for training hikes, so it’s been difficult to commit all of my free time to training. That being said, I did manage two days in a row recently (for the first time). Everything felt in good nick other than when running down hill.

On one of the days I targeted the peak of Leith Hill, as it has some epic viewpoints. Take a look.

We actually came across a group of protestors, who had been camped out on the hill for the past four months. It was an anti-fracking cause.

This is where they had been living for the past 4.5 months! Hell of a fort…


All of the above should give you a feel for how my training’s going. To be honest, I’m fairly short of options until I have more of my equipment to practice with. I need to get an Ultralight Tent sorted pronto and get an overnighter under my belt.

Keep up to date with how I’m getting on with the rest of my preparations – Blog Posts.