It’s all kicking off!

…in lots of different ways.




First and foremost, my fundraising for CRY has escalated big time recently. I would just like to reiterate how much I appreciate everyone’s support.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 02.13.22.png

The amazing Mary Porter recently held an event at Aviva’s Dorking office to raise money for them too. After lots of hard work, Mary and her colleagues helped raise over £610! This was very much thanks to the support of some local businesses, who contributed prizes for the likes of the raffle and tombola. The company match any internal charity event’s total by up to £250, so in total they’ve raised £860.80!


If you were looking to support my fundraiser, here’s the link –

Thank you so much



Permit Approved



Having now received my permit, everything just got a lot more real. In two months time I’ll be near enough ready to take this challenge on (albeit still requiring most of my gear!). There’s also a Canada Entry Permit and Campfire Permit, which I need to apply for soon.

For now, my primary focus will be working out where I’m staying for the two days before the trail and how I might get to Campo to begin. Also, where to accumulate the rest of the equipment that I’ll need.

I’ve heard a lot about ‘Scout and Frodo’, who sound like incredible Trail Angels. For internationals especially, they’ll accommodate you for a maximum of 3 nights, pick you up from the airport/train station and drive you to the trail on your assigned date. There’s plenty more too –

I’ll write properly about them in my next post, where I will have hopefully figured out my exact logistics. They appear to be prime candidates for my ‘Trail Angels’ page, along with several other people who have kindly offered assistance at various sections.


Seriously in need of gear


I’m near enough having my entire gear list ready… as in written down. However, I would say that I’ve left it later than most others. This is mainly due to finances, but also a lack of knowledge on my part. The specifics are sometimes difficult to manage or even understand for a newcomer (i.e. What temperature sleeping bag? What/where/how to send resupplies? How light is Ultralight?). I’m sure that these are common knowledge in the long distance hiking/backpacking community, but there are loads of us who haven’t a ruddy clue!

So far, I have a sleeping pad, towel, waterproof jacket (potentially), cameras (which aren’t suitable). I’m sitting here flummoxed now as to what else I have. My ultralight pack, water filter, first aid, repellent, tent and solar charger are being provided, but are somewhat in limbo.

What I’ll also do in my next blog post is an accurate check list of what I have against what I still require. Maybe some of you might have ideas for me! Will also include up to date photos.

To see my gear section to date, click here!


Mad Man!


Lastly, I’ve heard that there’s one crazily optimistic (or hideously prepared) individual  who has apparently been spotted near the start of his thru-hike already. This is going against 99.9% of public opinion, due to the heavy snow fall this year (spoken about here). Good luck to that person!

Thanks for keeping up to date. I’m going to make a “Trail Recipes” page soon, so anyone with experience please send me your concoctions via my contact page. I’ve been doing loads of training lately too and will post more regularly about how disastrously wrong most of them have gone.