Mapping it out

PCT partner, PCT planning and Resupply issue…


Met with a chap called Edward who’s also looking to thru-hike the trail in 2017. Seems to be one of just a few from the UK too, luckily he’s just a few miles away. We’re hoping to meet up and go on training hike in the near future.

Ed has a fair bit more experience, including a hike across Costa Rica (hope I got that right). It will be interesting to find out how he goes about planning for a trip like this.

I’ll update you on how this one plays out over the next couple of weeks.

PCT Itinerary

Craig’s PCT planner

He recommended the link above to plan my trip. It effectively simplifies the planning process for the below (as shown on the website).

  • Choosing resupply locations
  • Determining how many days of food are needed between resupply points
  • Projecting arrival dates at each resupply location
  • Adjusting your hiking time based on terrain
  • Bring out the middle-manager in all of us with detailed hiking statistics!

I’m beginning to put my plan together and should hopefully have an update soon.

Potential resupply issue

Wheat, Barley, Rye and Spelt…then some others that I’ve never heard of (see here). For those that aren’t aware, these are the magic ingredients where the elusive GLUTEN is present.

I’d found out about my gluten intolerance little more than a week before leaving to go on my travels in South America. It’s safe to say that I knew nothing about it prior to leaving. Five years ago gluten was a mystery to the world, let alone an intolerance to it…now it’s become a trend!

*For those that are planning their next gluten-free diet plan. It doesn’t work. The gluten free alternatives are often worse for you. It would probably be a great diet if you didn’t eat the alternatives though and stayed gluten-free. There ya go! Who said this blog wasn’t helpful?


This leaves me in a tricky situation on the food front, as I don’t want to be stuck on snickers like on the trek in South America… for four days! I’ve had enough, thanks. Enough to know I never want to see one again. Here’s a big picture of one to counter what I just said.


Bugger it…now I want one!

The issue itself…

I’m going to need to plan my resupplies to be gluten free and rely on certain resupply locations to provide this.

Hopefully, when I work out my strategy, it will be useful to anyone else that’s gluten-free and looking to hike the trail. Don’t go down the Snickers route!

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  1. Hey Ryan,

    Bob again…go to the 2016 PCT journalist on this site and look for Andy and Laura take on the PCT. Laura is gluten free. A few weeks ago they posted a blog about their food, I think you will find it helpful…I thought their food supply strategy was pretty clever.

    By the way, did you apply for you start date? What were you hoping for?

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