Training – The Surrey Hills

I’m very lucky to have the Surrey Hills as my playground for PCT training. For those who have yet to experience it, there are picturesque landscapes with fantastic routes for road cyclists, then trails for mountain bikers and hikers. On the right day, the scenery’s fantastic!

Climbing up Box Hill.
Found a track and followed it through this unoccupied cow field.

Limited to weekends, I’ve now clocked up several days where I’ve comfortably hiked 25-30 miles with a max of 35 miles on one occasion. This got the fear factor out the way in terms of my capabilities. The biggest problem for me could be an underlying knee injury, which seems to swell up after most long hikes (only carrying about 7-8 kilograms!). I’ll need to strengthen this over the coming weeks or at least find a less destructive technique going down hill specifically.

And for the cow lovers out there…
An occupied cow field!
A cow and I. He didn’t turn out to be the most friendly of sorts and soon started shoving some of the other cows. #AlphaCow

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