Flights, Gear, other…

This section includes some key preparation, including logistics, accumulating gear and (crucially) reading some other blogs/books.

Just five months now before I fly out to Los Angeles!

Flight booked…

Decided to go with Norwegian Air for my flight, following some advice from a friend. A really cheap alternative when flying long haul, no stopovers either. I know of a few people in L.A. who can help me out, holding on to deliveries etc. ready for me to collect.


Norwegian Air don’t fly to San Diego, which would have been more convenient, as I need to get down to Campo. Hoping to get a greyhound bus to San Diego, stay there for a night or two sorting out my gear and then head for the trail.

Gear o’clock… (sponsors?)

As a relative novice to hiking, I want to get prepped early on this front.

Getting some photography practice in, with my beloved Element Cap. Preferred the second attempt (below).

Looking around, a number of other thru-hikers have gained quite a lot of kit through sponsorship. In an ideal world, I can do the same. With that in mind, I know that a simple blog isn’t going to cut it. I need a proper website to host it on… voila!

This one had slight more character for me. Any tips would be warmly received!

So, I’ll begin to lightly communicate with a few potential sponsors, mainly clothing at this stage until I get a full grasp of the Ultra-light vs. Lightweight pros/cons. At some point I’ll have an update on that argument too. First, let’s see where my research and approaches can get me!

(Take a look at my Gear section as it develops!)

Other Blogs, articles and stories…

In addition to the above, I’ve put more time into reading other blogs/stories, from those that have previously completed the trail.

Here are a few things to read, if you haven’t done so already…

“Teacher Prasatt Arumugam becomes first Singaporean to complete trail”

Prasatt has also raised a whopping S$44,966 (when this was written) for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Pacific Crest Trail – by Keith Foskett

An Incredibly informative guide to thru-hiking and the PCT from Keith. Additionally, he’s also published a few books. ‘The Last Englishman’ is a great read, covering his own PCT adventure. Additionally, you can also read about his two El Camino trips, Appalachian Trail, and Continental Divide Trail thru-hikes.

Halfway Anywhere (Mac)

Mac’s an amusing, yet informative writer and has done a number of challenges including the PCT. Lots of great images too.

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